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Design Services
Costs for design services depend on content | £300.00 per Page Set
A 'Page Set'  is composed of an A4 page of 12pt Times Roman type.

An Image is 8cms x 4cms in size and costed as part of a Page Set (it reduces the amount of text by its size).
A page set will be programmed over several web pages.  For example, the contact information for a company will occupy only two or three lines of a page set but one complete web page.  When an image is put on a web page we like to preserve 'white space' around it and only include a small amount of relevant writing around it. Information on a web page needs to be 'to the point' and therefore there should only be relevant information on the Page set presented for programming.  'Flowery' writing is unnecessary.  It will be reduced to concise information as this, from our experience, is what your prospective customer wishes to see.  The average internet surfer has enough trouble waiting for downloads without having to trawl through irrelevant information.
A page set will be programmed on quite a number of web pages if this will enhance the layout of the web site.
We can only give a guide price as every job is different
Please ask for a quote.
Enquire about our special design services for Web Sites with type that can be
varied in size by the user. (Variable Size Type)
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