The Activate FAQs...

Table of Contents
1.1 What are e-Commerce and e-Business?
1.2 What is a Stall on the Internet?
1.3 How does Activate ensure money changes hands securely over the Internet?
1.4 What does SSL mean?

2 Housing a Web Site
2.1 Why should I house sites with Activate when I can get space for free?
What are DNS Services?

3 Distributed Database Solutions
3.1 How can you use a computer to access information in your car?
3.2 How can Activate provide reliable access to Data?

4 Glossary of Internet Terms
4.1 Killer App
4.2 Server
4.3 High Bandwidth
4.4 IP Address
4.5 URL
4.6 CGI
4.7 Perl
4.8 HTML
4.9 Other Computing Terms

5 Scrolling Pages for the Partially Sighted

5 Scrolling Pages for the Partially Sighted
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