Services to Internet Design Agencies...
You are a creative designer. You generate value by enhancing the visual impact of content on the Internet. We recognise a difference between the creative and technical Internet communities. Activate generates value by ensuring that your work reaches it's audience in the most reliable and efficient way possible.

Activate offers you a professional web hosting service including:
  • reservation of the URL of your choice (subject to availability)
  • advice on selection of a web server or your site colocated on one of our web servers
  • (we work with the Linux operating system, with Apache web server, PHP, ASP and MySQL)
  • configuration of your web server
  • additional services such as e-commerce enabling, credit/debit card services, interactive database applications, CGI and Perl, and dynamic HTML, XML, ASP support etc
  • the choice of managing the server yourself
  • the choice of full service management by Activate

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